In April 2002, Lifan Group China made an agreement with Crown- Lifan Group Karachi, with the purpose of establishing an organization named ‘Crown Motor Company’. Within two years, the brand captured the market, which was a clear manifestation of the supreme quality of CRLF products. Witnessing the increased demand for CRLF parts in the market, the Crown Group decided to launch Crown motorcycles in 2005 – a bold and highly successful initiative.

These motorcycles are made up of CRLF (now known as FIT) parts and are in great demand by the end consumer due to their high quality and affordable prices. Every year, the company manufactures 85,000 motorcycles. Each and every component is skilfully handled and assembled by company’s expert mechanics. Crown Group have a manufacturing plant in Sadiqabad, Punjab which has a factory equipped with a lathe machine, a power press and a fabrication system. All processes and systems adhere to the international standards and best practices.

All parts of the motorcycle are assembled through a pneumatic gun on the assembly line, and a motorcycle becomes ready every minute. A pre-delivery inspection and testing is stringently performed to ensure quality product to the customer.

Sadiqabad Plant

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Karachi Plant

Karachi plant was inaugurated in the year 2018. It extends to a widespread area of 2,500 sq. meters. Motorcycles are assembled with the use of instruments which are benchmarked on Japanese standards. A testing track of 65 meters is available for the complete test ride of newly assembled motorcycles in order to ensure the consistency of quality in every unit. All the personnel at plant are deeply devoted towards ensuring best in class quality.

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Muhammad Farhan Hanif


S. M. Kashif Qaseem

Managing Director

Mian Mohammad Masood Ashraf

Chief Executive Officer

Mokhammad Sadzhad

Managing Director

Usama Bin Masood


Muhammad Zohaib Farhan


Muhammad Omair Farhan