Things that you SHOULD DO

  • Campaign at a constant rate (40 to 50 km / h)
  • To maintain the air pressure in the tires right
  • Adjust the tension of the chain drive correctly
  • Start the engine tuned and motorcycles serviced regularly authorized dealer Crown.

Things that you SHOULD NOT DO

Little white people that STOP you from doing the wrong
  • Do not keep the clutch lever pressure while driving
  • Do not start the engine in low gear for a long time
  • Do not keep the pressure on the brake pedal while driving
  • Do not cover the air filter inlet assembly
  • Never leave your bike in direct sunlight, as it causes evaporation of gasoline
  • Do not raise the engine speed during traffic stops. Switching off the engine if you stop for more than 30 seconds
  • Do not cover the engine at the front and side. This can restrict the flow of air to smooth the edges of the air needed to cool the engine, and the engine can be operated at higher temperatures.