Self Start 70CC

Crown Self Start 70cc 2015 price in Pakistan latest shape pics new features specs detail here. Crown is a living of reality. A motorcycle company established with the cooperation of China. Keeping in mind the growing importance of engine and fuel efficiency, Crown has introduces its latest  – 70cc bike in the market which is powerful and more dynamic. In addition to its established superiority in terms of durability and fuel economy. Crown   Self Start 70cc is an ideal combination of attractive design with super economic-power and smoke-free 4 stroke engine which promises you the most economical of your life.

The new eye catching graphics comfortable new seat design and aerodynamic shape have made Crown   Self Start 70cc best choice and a perfect partner. The drive is smooth and comfortable with the resistive suspension system installed in its shocks. The headlights and indicators are all crystal that shines more at night. Further high resale value of Crown   Self Start 70cc proves to be a life time asset for its customers.

  1. – Available in Red, Black, Blue and Gray colors
  2. – Available with 72cc economical engine
  3. – Available with 78cc powerful engine
  4. – Fuel Tank and side cover graphics, unique in design and vibrant colors
  5. – 82 kg weight ensures the material quality and stability