Deluxe CR-70Cc

Crown Deluxe70 new shape specs features pics. Crown introduce the new  Crown Deluxe70cc.  Crown Deluxe70cc is the first choice in motorcycles. Crown  a rising company that has tried to formulate the bikes for the use of people such that they are completely fulfilling and have all the properties that any other bike may have. For the company other developed industrial companies were a great competition and with their quality and determination they have really overcome it.

The new  Crown Deluxe gives a perfect blend of chains technology along with charismatic design in addition to its established superiority in terms of durability and fuel economy.  Crown Deluxe provide the eye catching look but also the best value for their money.  Crown Deluxe is an ideal combination of attractive design with super economic-power and smoke free 4-stroke engine which promises you the most economical ride of your life. The new eye catching graphics comfortable new seat design and aerodynamic shape have made  Crown Deluxe70cc best choice and a perfect partner.

Crown Deluxe starter system packed with the 4 Stroke and Single Cylinder Engine of 70cc gives us a bike that is quite a valuable one when it comes to price.. This bike is worthy of its price and without a doubt one of the best ones that you might have used. The bike is newly designed so as to have the all new technology fitted in it.

  1. – Available in Red, Black, Blue and Gray colors
  2. – Available with 72cc economical engine
  3. – Available with 78cc powerful engine
  4. – Fuel Tank and side cover graphics, unique in design and vibrant colors
  5. – 82 kg weight ensures the material quality and stability