Crown CR 100

Though somewhat dangerous on busy roads in the congested urban areas, motorcycle is a relatively cheaper means of transportation that is also accessible to all and sundry. Not only the price of a standard motorbike is within the reach of a low income individual, but also its maintenance and fuel expenditures are not as much higher as those of a car or other larger and expensive vehicles. However, to choose a better quality bike from a collection of competing brands in the market, you need to keep certain things in mind. Recently, the “Crown Motor  Company” has emerged with a new 100cc bike that is catching the attention of the potential buyers, particularly because of high Crown 100cc Motorcycle specifications and easy affordability. Before you finally make your mind to go for it, just go through the following review so that you might be aware of its pros and cons:

  • 100cc 4 Stroke engin
  • Available in red and black colors
  • Beautiful fuel tank graphics
  • Aero dynamic front cowling
  • New design rear and front fenders
  • New design rear seat cowling with back light